vending matters - total vending solutions
Height 1830mm 
Width 880mm 
Depth 890mm 
Weight 290Kg Approx 
The Rondo' offers a flexible layout and a capacity of up to 48 selections, with the option to dispense snacks only or snacks, cans and bottles. Designed to coordinate with the innovative Oblo' hot drinks machine to create a full refreshment solution. 
The Rondo' is simple to operate and offers excellent promotional opportunities. Virtual and combined selections allow up to two snacks and a hot drink to be dispensed (from Oblo'), by entering only one selection's number into the keypad, or an optional direct selection facility ensures quick and simple service using five buttons. 
Additional user-friendly features, such as a vend detection system and an ergonomic delivery bin, ensure customer satisfaction every time. 
Designed and created by it'seeze